Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LHC Rap Re-re-re-redux

In the previous post, I mentioned a rap that I wrote for our campus group as well as was intended to be presented at the end of the speech in the previous post. My apologies for anything that is incorrect in the rap as it was hastily written and reproduced here mostly for humorous reasons.

So you say you want to learn about the LHC
Watchin' Youtube's featured vid rap-u-mentary
Some kids they got together and wouldn't you know
They be spittin' rhymes suited for an after school show.

Now let me profess that mine aren't much better,
Go on draft a complaint, send your congressman a letter,
Doesn't really matter cause in a few weeks
Two particles will collide, science knows us off our feet.

Bosons and Quarks sound like canines off the Jetsens,
Mr. Spacely, aptly named, couldn't make the projections
That scientists seek to prove or disprove in this tube,
While you update your Facebook status like you're some kind of noob.

"We're all gonna die..." you say. "Drop to your knees to survive."
Throw your hands to the sky and worship some lie.
"The end of the world is upon, apocalypse is nigh!"
Shut up before I clock you for perpetuating lies.

The truth of the matter is the collider is really safe,
It's not a tool of destruction for the human race,
Rather observing conditions post "The Big Bang"
Looking for new stuff forming to explain everything.
Well maybe not everything, but stuff we still don't know
Screens attached to the vacuum this will surely show.

Should a black hole be created, that necessitates a "pop"
Hawking Radiation explains why it'll just stop
And cease to be existing in a blink of an eye,
Fact 451: We're not gonna die.
Spaghetiffication will just have to wait,
No made scientists here, no one to create
That which so many uninformed fear
Science! Come on! We won't just disappear.

So when the collider shoots two streams of particles at each other,
I'll stand and I'll smile while you cry for your mother,
In this day in age, we've got plenty of problems
'Nough as it is, without stopping science from solving 'em.


pavel said...

I have a video of you performing this, by the way. Want me to throw it on YouTube?

Atheist Gamer said...

Haha - please do.

Steneub said...

Oh no.

Anonymous said...

Nerd rap? lol


Anonymous said...

that is the awesomest rap ever